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The Suburban Difference...

Suburban developed the first gas-fired package terminal air conditioner (PTAC) in 1985 called Dynaline. Now, in its 3rd generation design, Suburban is a leading supplier to the senior housing industry as well as other small commercial markets.

The Suburban Dynaline 3 combines economical gas heating and high efficiency electric cooling in one compact unit for zone temperature room by room control. The standard 42. x 16. wall case makes Dynaline 3 the right choice for new construction or replacement. Gas (Natural or LP) connections can be inside or outside the room.

To continue the Suburban tradition of providing year-round comfort in a fully self-contained heating and cooling system, Suburban offers DynaPack. This vertical packaged air conditioner features cooling comfort along with high-efficiency gas heat. The DynaPack range of products features from 1 to 2 tons cooling and efficient 36 to 60 MBTU gas heat.

Each DynaPack unit can be ducted for multiple room conditioning, making it ideal for multi-family applications.

So, whether your needs require individually zoned PTAC's or ducted, multiple room conditioning, Suburban has the cost effective solutions to satisfy your requirements.